3 products / 3 video vignettes each in 1 day

The race against the clock is on, as we have been challenged to get a lot done in a very short period of time. We’re up to the task, with an incredible crew and plenty of help from Laundry Service!

I can’t tell you what exactly we’re up to, but here’s some fun bts to tease you. Wish us luck, the clock won’t stop ticking!

Director Patrick Weishampel and DP Andy Batt create the scene. they had to create 3 video vignettes for each of the products.
Director of Photography Andy Batt reviews on the monitor
DP Andy Batt on the Fisher Dolly. Photo by First AC Galvin Collins

Monday gear-prep day!

We are having fun in the studio today, since the Fisher Dolly delivery by Gearhead Grip a few minutes ago. We love gear, we can’t help ourselves!

We’re shooting a fun and very challenging video project with 24-7 Laundry Service tomorrow. We’ll be creating a bunch of 10-15 second videos, and we’re glad to put our new Canon C-300mII to work for us!

We’re also looking forward to working with our friends Patrick Weishampel and Susan Evans. This is a rare treat!

email is down!

Every day brings new challenges. We always hope those challenges are in front of, or behind, the lens. But today brings us an all new, ever-exciting challenge. We woke up to discover our email company Dogbark has disappeared. Yup, just gone. Disappeared.

Luckily, we host our website through A Photo Folio, so our website is live.

BUT, this means that we are currently using our private gmail addresses until this can be resolved. What a nightmare.


We’d rather be on production. As a matter of fact, we SHOULD be on production. But instead, we’ve been in our offices, putting out this dumpster fire.