RIP Fred Cole —

We had the honor of photographing Fred and Toody Cole back in 2007 for a Seattle magazine. He and Toody turned me on to some great music and awesome cowboy shirts. Fred has style, it’s undeniable.

From the Willamette Week – “Portland Punk Icon Fred Cole, Frontman for Dead Moon and Pierced Arrows, Has Died” – Here’s the full article.

Dramatic musician photographer Andy Batt created authentic and engaging portraits of Fred Cole, Toody Cole and Kelly Halliburton.
Fred Cole, singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the band Pierced Arrows and formerly Dead Moon. RIP

Andy Batt photographs PCT hiker Marcus Mazzaferri for Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine commissioned Andy to create a dramatic portrait of Pacific Crest Trail hiker and survivor Marcus Mazzaferri. We asked him to come to our studio in the clothing he was wearing during his mishap adventure, and we had a lot of fun soaking him to his core. I hope we didn’t cause him any nightmare memories!

Full magazine article is here.

Are you out of order?

Today, I totally caught myself in a rut. I didn’t know I was in a rut, I was just doing what I always do. Edit a new portfolio. Put the images in order, refresh the book.

But it never occurred to me to reverse the order. I’ve been doing this for so long, I went on automatic.

And in reversing the order, starting with something that is usually in the middle, it gave ALL the work a fresh feel.

Andy and I have to look at this book all the time. Over and over. And we’ve been looking at it in the same order for 20 years. Sports. Portraits. Entertainment/lifestyle. The images change, but the order never does.

I guess because that’s what we think people expect of us.

Business has changed, and I’m trying to change with it. Maybe we’ve been out of order.

Are you out of order?