January birthday. February Robbery. What will March bring?

Guest Post by The Ask-A-Producer

January started slow, as all attention was on throwing Therese (me!) an outrageous, over the top, detail-rich 50th birthday party. This was mostly a surprise, and understandably, not much got done on the business side of our life! Here’s the Photo Booth, just a small part of a huge party.

February, we got down to business getting more business, for exactly 9 days. Why only 9 days? Because on the 10th day, Andy’s office window was smashed, and $50,000 of gear was stolen. It’s a really strange experience,and the effects echoed for weeks afterwards. From paranoia about it happening again, to looking forever for that one cord, then realizing that was part of the theft.

The good news, though, is that we’re supposed to have a settlement check this week. So that’s something! A huge shout out to Tom C. Pickard, our insurance agency, and to Great American Insurance, our insurance company. It didn’t move as quickly as I would have liked, but they did right by us in the end.