Feeling the 2021 award-winning heat

August is here, with record-breaking heat and award-winning images! We survived a heat dome that stunned my city. Portland was not made for endless days of temps above 110. Therese and I ended up hanging duvetyne blackout cloth over our west-facing windows, and our production pop-up tent was used to protect some of our delicate plants. It was an intense experience, and I'm thankful for our contractor who convinced us to install central AC back in the early 2000s when we only used it once or twice a summer.

I'm excited to announce a few things. First up...

My work was chosen for the American Photography 37 photo contest!

Having my shots of Houston Rockets* player P.J. Tucker picked means a lot—it was a fun and creative shoot that let me flex my wings. I'm really proud of these now award-winning images!

NBA power forward PJ Tucker for Footwear News magazine

We pulled this off right before the world began to shut down due to Covid.

What a weird idea, piling a bunch of people into a tiny hotel room! Many thanks to the judges such as Arem Duplessis, Jury Chair, GCD @Apple Inc., Gianmaria Schonlieb, CD @Lyft, Brian Bantog, AD @Nike, and Jane Clark, Photography Director @AARP Media. The cover image was also nominated for a 2021 Readers Choice Cover award by the American Society of Magazine Editors!


We're really excited to be advertising with our award-winning images in Lürzer’s Archive magazine!

Since my college days, I’ve been such a huge fan, and it feels great to be appearing in a publication that has showcased so many photography legends. Archive has always been my go-to to see the best in commercial photography — it’s the publication that inspired me to pursue this career.

PJ Tucker, man in luxury hotel bed with room service tray full of sneakers
Houston Rocket PJ Tucker for Footwear News magazine

More big news coming soon, stay tuned, and stay cool out there!

*PJ is now rocking for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Andy is the artist-in-residence, owner, technologist, cook, brewer, and cocktail maker in chief at Andy Batt Studio. He loves to work with a good crew on complex projects and a good cup of coffee. No, a good cup of coffee— there's a difference. On the side, he teaches lighting workshops because he likes giving back to his community.