I got into Archive Magazine’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers issue.

It’s incredible to write those words. Since college, I’ve been a huge fan of Lürzer’s Archive, and the Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide issue has become a favorite.

When I discovered Lürzer’s Archive — it was a lightbulb moment. The photographs in there were so much fun and did so much extraordinary storytelling. I have no actual proof, but my memory of those early nineties issues insists that advertising used a lot more exciting and thoughtful photography. This was pre-CG-everything, when magazine ads were the holy grail of publication.

Archive was where you went to see what the entire world was up to in the ad scene. Where you would get an incredible cross-section of pop culture and see regional/national/international differences and trends.

Fast forward to this year, and Archive is still going strong and showing the best work. This is a tremendous honor. Even more gratifying is that my work chosen is all personal work. The shots to be featured in a double-page spread are portraits of the March Fourth Band members.

My work with the band has been ongoing since the early 2000s. This lovely bunch of musicians and circus performers has been dazzling fans for nearly 20 years. This particular shoot was for their 2020 marketing, which sadly had to be put on hold, but they’re back now, with 2021 tour plans! I’m so proud to call these award-winning images! If you ever have a chance to see them, GO!

Also chosen were images from my deeply personal sci-fi project titled “Bad Choices.”

These composite images are an offshoot from the project, a combined 5 years of image-making both in-studio and on-location. The synopsis asks, ‘what do you do when there’s nothing left but bad choices? 50 years after everything falls apart, the world is left with the survivors and their dark stories.’

Andy Batt Studio
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It feels great to be acknowledged by this eminent publication, which had such an impact on me as a young photographer.

Being a photographer can be an isolating experience, and this type of acknowledgment of my skill and craft is such amazing validation. Once again, thank you, Lürzer’s. I am humbled to be a part of the Archive 200 BEST.


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