Central Oregon Visitors Association: Summer Tourism

photographed by Andy Batt

Sometimes you get an opportunity to just to experience the joy of doing photography—it’s still work, with getting up at 3am, or pulling 16 hour days chasing sunrise and sunset, but getting to be on a glassy alpine lake for early light? Or to be in a beautiful location all day long—even the parking lots are stunning 😉

I was awarded the project to do a multiday shoot for the Central Oregon Visitors Association (COVA) —the goal was to create family adventures, and to bridge the gap between the intense rock climbing extreme adventuring and the sit-at-the-pub beer adventures that Central Oregon is known for. We spent 3 days chasing sunsets and sunrises, working around thunderstorms and downpours, waiting for perfect sunsets and working two real families—who were amazing and great to work with!

I’m looking forward to our next campaign—it’s always fantastic to head to Central Oregon and find new beauty with my camera.