New for 2019 –It’s All About The Hustle; Part III

Lots of new stuff going on in the dark back corners of the business… but the ones we can share are pretty nice — a new logo, courtesy the awesome creatives over at SKYLIGHT COLLECTIVE 

Their site is getting rebuilt to an even higher standard of cool right now, but trust me on this-that team is a bunch of spectacular creative professionals. Work with them. They are great!

We’re also pushing live a new revamp to the website—lots and lots of new stuff living in the menus at — including a microsite for the Bad Choices project and a microsite for my landscape fine art work!

There’s a manifesto-ISH section called VALUE now — throwing out some ideas of what it means to be a creative/photographer in 2019. Give it a read– it’s snack sized, but full of useful meaningfulness.

more later, cheers!


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