New for 2019 –It’s All About The Hustle; Part III

Lots of new stuff going on in the dark back corners of the business… but the ones we can share are pretty nice — a new logo, courtesy the awesome creatives over at SKYLIGHT COLLECTIVE 

Their site is getting rebuilt to an even higher standard of cool right now, but trust me on this-that team is a bunch of spectacular creative professionals. Work with them. They are great!

We’re also pushing live a new revamp to the website—lots and lots of new stuff living in the menus at — including a microsite for the Bad Choices project and a microsite for my landscape fine art work!

There’s a manifesto-ISH section called VALUE now — throwing out some ideas of what it means to be a creative/photographer in 2019. Give it a read– it’s snack sized, but full of useful meaningfulness.

more later, cheers!


New for 2019 –It’s All About The Hustle; Part II

Andy Batt’s Bad Choices Project on Patreon

For the past four years I’ve been working hard, doing many of the things (concepting, writing, sketching, backstory-ing {yes, it’s a word now thankyouverymuch}, art directing, creative directing, regular directing, retouching+compositing, and mostly/lastly photographing. The difference is that this time it’s for me—so the good is that I get to do whatever I want, the not as good, but still good, is that I get to do everything. Or at least, it all has to start with me—and with a project of this size, I’ve happily delegated, assigned and collaborated– because what’s left is still an IMMENSE amount of work.

The while thing is called Bad Choices — it’s dystopian post-apocalyptic story/world/show, and it’s all flowing out of my head—characters, backstory, locations, events—all the things necessary to building a story universe from scratch.

I’ve shown the work here and there, private portfolio reviews, to a few people and places and have gotten a lot of encouragement from those interactions. So now it’s going Big(ger)! Now it’s got stuff to buy (art prints! poster prints!) over at our Big Cartel page, it’s got it’s very own crowdsourcing fundraiser page on Patreon (that makes it InternetReal™, right?) and I’ve actually printed the very first graphic novel from the Bad Choices world, called Misled No. 1 (Purchase and free PDF link coming in another post! Stay tuned!)

You can see a lot of the work on — and you can read all about the hard work on my Patreon page—that’s where I’m hosting the process blog, covering anything that comes out of my head, and anything you all want to know (hint: you can ask questions over there)

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Check out the for sale stuff here:

Check out the Patreon (and throw a dollar+ in the hat if you BELIEVE):

New for 2019 –It’s All About The Hustle; Part I

For 2019 Therese and I have been working VERY HARD behind the scenes, getting all types of stuff ready to launch.

First up: Ask A Producer

Therese’s Ask A Producer business keeps growing—fresh off a speaking tour in Norway (!) she’s presenting two business seminars here in Portland (tickets available through EventBrite). Spaces are limited, so sign up NOW!

  • Take Charge of What you Charge (link)
  • Get Ahead in Social Media: IG + LI + your database = $$$ (link)

I was quietly buzzing after a whole day workshop with Therese, she went in depth to all the key areas that most Creative professionals struggle with. —Elin Eriksen, Portrait painter, Illustrator and graphic designer | Oslo, Norway

And as always, visit her IG page for the latest: @theaskaproducer or contact her at hello[at] for consultations.