2020 is the worst. 2020 is a dumpster fire. 2020 can go fuck itself.

I’m sure you’ve heard it, 2020 was a hard one. But I have to say. I got some fantastic photos out of it.

The world was quiet. It stayed indoors. Which meant photographers like me had some breathtakingly serene landscapes all to ourselves.

I was lucky to have an assignment that made it easy to be Covid-compliant and sent me to these beautiful places in Eastern Washington and Western Idaho.⁠ (Read more about crew set safety measures here.)



We shot 43 scenes in eight towns over three weeks.

We traveled over 3000 miles in a rented motor home that became our production and staging vehicle, our kitchen, our office, our restroom, our living room, our coffee shop, and our bar.

Photographer Andy Batt and drone pilot Travis Stanton set to fly from the motorhome in a grassy field.

A typical day had us out of bed at 4 am, on-location shooting at 5 am, back to the motor home by 8 am. We’d eat breakfast, plan our next scene, then go back to bed by noon. Sleep for a few hours, eat a quick lunch, and then on to our following location by 4 pm. Shoot until sundown, get back to the hotel, eat dinner, clean up after dinner, drink a beer, then fall back into bed near midnight. Rinse and repeat daily for three weeks straight.

behind the scenes of a photo production on a motorhome

The project is still in progress. I can share only a few outtakes, which you can see on my Instagram wall for the next few days (@andybattportfolio). As you might imagine, my client is pretty happy with an image library of this size!

contact sheet of image library created for a client in summer of 2020
b&w portrait of photographer Andy Batt

Andy is the artist-in-residence, owner, technologist, cook, brewer, and cocktail maker in chief at Andy Batt Studio. He loves to work with a good crew on complex projects and a good cup of coffee. No, a good cup of coffee— there’s a difference. On the side, he teaches lighting workshops because he likes giving back to his community.