My 4 minute shoot with the real Tommy Wiseau

Dramatic entertainment photographer Andy Batt shoots actor Tommy Wiseau
Andy’s shoot with Tommy Wiseau

“This is probably wrong, but it’s how I remember it. I think Jason called me the day of, asking if he could use my studio to interview Tommy Wiseau. That guy from The Room. The “Oh Hai Mark” guy. I’d heard many stories about Tommy from Jason. There was no way I would turn down a chance to have Tommy in the studio.

Jason and Ian showed up with Tommy. He’s a whirlwind of energy, kinda crazy, kinda edgey, but also incredibly friendly. He’s intense. He’s nuts. He’s indescribable. Jason and Ian shot a couple episodes of  Tommy Explains It All — I learned all about Tommy’s Thoughts on Kissing, and his Secrets to Success. After they wrapped the video, I grabbed an opportunity to photograph Tommy—you don’t get the creator of The Room in your studio and not photograph him.

There’s no directing Tommy. He’s got very specific ideas about what looks cool, and a style that is all his own. The only way is to flow with him and let him take you on an adventure. I shot one test at 2:41pm. He jumped, posed, yelled, spun, squatted, invented a new pose, re-styled his belt, did some Mick Jagger poses, gave me the Victory sign, thumbs up, stuck his tongue out, made explosion sounds, vogued, and jumped some more. He was done at 2:45. In 4 minutes and 77 pictures he gave me a crazy amount of energy. After that Tommy really wanted to do group shots with everyone. I got to do a “cool guy back-to-back” pose with Tommy!

Tommy flew out of the studio in a cloud of crazy energy, just the way he came in, leaving me dazed in his wake.”

We can’t wait to see The Disaster Artist in the theater– in the meantime, here’s a few of the images.

Tommy Wiseau poses with photographer Andy Batt

77 photographs in 21 seconds

3 products / 3 video vignettes each in 1 day

The race against the clock is on, as we have been challenged to get a lot done in a very short period of time. We’re up to the task, with an incredible crew and plenty of help from Laundry Service!

I can’t tell you what exactly we’re up to, but here’s some fun bts to tease you. Wish us luck, the clock won’t stop ticking!

Director Patrick Weishampel and DP Andy Batt create the scene. they had to create 3 video vignettes for each of the products.
Director of Photography Andy Batt reviews on the monitor
DP Andy Batt on the Fisher Dolly. Photo by First AC Galvin Collins

Monday gear-prep day!

We are having fun in the studio today, since the Fisher Dolly delivery by Gearhead Grip a few minutes ago. We love gear, we can’t help ourselves!

We’re shooting a fun and very challenging video project with 24-7 Laundry Service tomorrow. We’ll be creating a bunch of 10-15 second videos, and we’re glad to put our new Canon C-300mII to work for us!

We’re also looking forward to working with our friends Patrick Weishampel and Susan Evans. This is a rare treat!